Walk to Emmaus

Get Away for a Long Weekend and Renew Your Faith

walk to emmaus first methodist church cedar falls iowa

This three-day retreat will take you away from the distractions of life and allow you to refocus on your faith.  You’ll be immersed in a Christian community, and will be encouraged to find ways to live out your faith in your home church.  This is the Walk to Emmaus.  During your “walk” you’ll be amply fed, comfortably housed, and you’ll have plenty of time for a good night’s sleep.   Guided activities and scheduled break times allow opportunities to enjoy the natural environment of the retreat location near Lake McBride.   

How far?  This walk is symbolic, not an actual physical challenge.  Facilities and activities are fully accessible to pilgrims of all abilities. The name, Walk to Emmaus refers to Luke 24:13-35 where Jesus walks with two travelers who do not recognize the risen Christ in their midst until he breaks bread with them.  In this weekend, you’ll learn to see Christ in the world around you, and will be inspired to be an instrument of His love.  

The Walk to Emmaus is an experience for adults, and there is a similar youth-oriented experience called Chrysalis.  If you have interest in learning more about the Walk to Emmaus, contact the church office, and we can arrange for you to meet someone who has already been - there are many in our congregation.   The next Walks to Emmaus are scheduled for summer and fall of 2018.  Check out this video at www.vimeo.com/8697255.

Upcoming retreats:
October 17-20, 2019 men Solon, IA
November 7-10, 2019   women    Solon, IA


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