Members of our Worship Tech Team:

  • assist others by projecting song lyrics and responsive readings onto projection screens

  • enhance the pastor’s message with audio/video presentations

  • ensure that all can hear by monitoring and adjusting microphones

  • record pastor’s messages for use in television broadcast and online posting

  • livestream Sunday messages to those who cannot attend in-person

The worship tech team is integral to how we present God’s word to the world, and you, yes, you, can be a part of it. You will have the satisfaction of enhancing the worship experience for those attending the live worship service, and those who tune-in in other ways. We operate cameras, soundboards, projectors, computers, live-streamers, and more. If you have a desire to help in this way, we’d love to talk with you. Please don’t be intimidated by the equipment - we can teach you everything you need to know! While we have some nice tools to work with, once you know your way around, our tech systems are probably less complicated that the five remote controls you have sitting on the coffee table in your living room.

If you would like more information on the Worship Tech Team, send a quick email to our First UMC CF media office: chris.congdon@aboutfirst.com.

Schedule yourself for a Sunday shift on the Worship Tech Team