Wheat.Harvest concept

Your gifts to the Sunday morning offering, or general contributions by other means, are used to support the church operating budget: staff salaries, technical infrastructure, insurance, utilities, facility maintenance, budgeted programming, etc. These are the operational backbone which make all of the missions, worship, outreach and learning possible. These dollars are managed by the members of the Finance Committee, who are committed to being good stewards of your generosity. There are a number of ways to choose to give:

cash or check: drop into Sunday morning offering, or bring to the church office in-person, or by mail.

ACH (automatic contribution): We encourage you to set up an automatic monthly payment direct from your bank account. The set-up process is easy and it ensures that your contributions are made every month, whether you are able to attend or not. ACH contributions make the planning and budgeting process much easier. To start ACH payments, speak with Debbie Dance in the Finance Office.

Mobile Giving: we are now able to accept financial contributions through the mobile giving apps Venmo and Shazam Bolt$. Both apps are available for Android and Apple devices. The apps are free to download, and after you link your bank account, transactions are handled much like debit card payments. Don’t carry cash or a checkbook? No worries – just use your phone!

Get Venmo for Android here

Get Venmo for iOS here

In the Venmo app, send payments to