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“What Are We Fighting For?”  

Study co-taught by Pastor Matt and Pastor Steve
With all the issues facing The United Methodist Church today, there are plenty of theories and opinions about what we should do. The “elephant” in the room is Human Sexuality, and has been a challenge to come to any resolutions.  It is a very divisive subject, and different folks in our congregation have dramatic ally difference opinions.  Both is us feel we can move forward together.   What are we fighting for? This question not only points us to the futility of our disunity but also compels us to consider what we are fighting for—what deserves our greatest intensity and effort as we seek to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ. 

We will be offering a study by Bishop Thomas J. Bickerton titled, “What Are We Fighting For?  Coming Together Around What Matters Most” beginning Wednesdays for 6 weeks starting  September 13 at 6:00 p.m. during B.L.A.S.T.  The study offers a way to move beyond all the discord to a hope-filled future by exploring how we can come together around what matters most so that the gospel of Jesus Christ becomes a vibrant part of our lives and witness.  Bickerton says, “That fights, feuds, and uncertainties can distract us, leaving us ineffective and mired in mediocrity and decline; but focusing on what matters most causes our ministries to flourish and the church to become a relevant and vital presence in the community and world.”  The study offers an approach for working together in the midst of disagreements.

The cost of the book for the study is $12.00.  We are limiting the class to 24 because of the size of the room.  If we exceed 24, we will look at offering the class at another time.  We are encouraging Sunday School Classes and Study Groups to participate.  Sign up is at the Welcome Center.  Contact either pastor or Jenna for more information.  

disciple fast track first methodist church cedar falls iowa

Disciple Bible Study, Fast Track – 

new Fast Track Series taught by Pastor Steve and Janet
We have taught the Disciple Bible Study for 20 years, and believe it is one of the most in-depth studies provided by our Denomination.  We enjoyed the opportunity to grow in faith with the class, and the friendships that developed after spending 36 weeks of study have become some of our closest friends.  Disciple Studies required a lot of time for preparation and study.  Many times the weekly class would last three  hours long!

 The new Fast Track Disciple Series is designed for busy lives.  The study is divided into two 12 week long studies.  The first 12 weeks will be Old Testament, and the second 12 weeks will be New Testament.  You read a manageable 3-5 chapters of the Bible daily in preparation for the weekly 75 minute class.  It uses the same format as Disciple with renown Biblical Scholars sharing about our weekly readings.  

We will meet Sunday evenings at 6:30 beginning on Sunday, September 10 starting with the Old Testament.  Sign up for the class is at the Welcome Center.  Cost for each study book is $15.00.  We will begin the second study on the New Testament in January.  For more information contact Pastor Steve or Janet.  

Fast Track is an adaptation of the original, best-selling Disciple Bible Study.  It is ideal for busy people who want to fit a comprehensive Bible study into their schedule.