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FUSION Tonight

nobody else is doing this...

It's fun, it's serious, it's real: Fusion on Wednesdays with host Jon Cooper.  FUSION is a true worship venue with prayers, open mic time, offering, and a real message of faith, but it feels more like a late-night talk show.  Is this different?  Yeah, it is!  Come check it out, on Wednesday nights at 7:15,  upstairs in the theater.  

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Law & Order 360

April starts a powerful four-week finale to our spring Fusion season: Law & Order 360.  There are people who see us at our worst in the court and justice systems, and yet, those people are often able to hold onto their faith in the face of daily exposure to sin and dysfunction.  Messages in this Fusion series will be brought to us by an attorney, a journalist, an ex-offender, and a parole officer.  Watch for the video trailer on the Fusion page at