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Every Sunday @ 9:45

Sunday School isn’t just kid stuff.  These groups for adults meet every Sunday to explore matters of faith together. These groups will each spend time connecting with each other, and then move into a time of more focused discussion.  You’re welcome in any of these groups.  Meet some good people and grow your faith.  

The Flock  

The Flock welcomes young adults (college +) for fun, friends and study as we dive into our faith.  The group meets on the third floor on Sunday mornings at 9:45 to discuss topics from the “Wired Word” – a current news event with discussion guidance from the Holy Scriptures, and occasional special studies.  The Flock has frequent social activities.    Leaders Lesley Toma and Karl Dance


Living Word  

Living Word will continue to explore books of the Bible in both the Old & New Testament.  We will explore how people lived & what historical events occurred during the time the books were written. 
The Living Word class will spend time each week sharing and caring for each other then move on to study different books of the Bible.  All ages welcome.   Room 057: Terri Grover

CCF (Christ-Centered Families)

The Christ-Centered Families class will begin the year exploring the Book of Romans.  They will follow with “The Art of Marriage.”  Christ-Centered Families is a group of parents of looking for Biblical guidance to help raise their children to be the people of God they were created to be.  You’re welcome to join them!  contact Kevin & Lori Price



(Friends Relying on God)

This is a class which studies biblical themes and seeks concrete ways to put those lessons into action.  The group is a prayer, sharing and support group for one another. They will begin the year with “Guardrails” by Andy Stanley followed by a study on the movie “God’s Not Dead”.  
Library: Contacts Mark Schlatter and Tim Klein


Growing Christians

Sit in with the Growing Christians class as they will begin the year with  “Who is this Man” Jesus walked the road to the cross, it seemed his influence on the world had ended. On the contrary, it had just begun! Ortberg explains how Christ’s actions, statements, and legacy dramatically affected the world---revolutionizing art, science, government, medicine, and education. Learn how you can follow in Jesus’ footsteps today  and follow with a Pastor Adam Hamilton, “Faith For Tough Times,” the message of the prophet Jeremiah. 
Room 056 Contact: Kris Rash


Open Door

Our discussions help us to better understand the Bible and its influence on our lives. 
Contact: Sue Mutchler and Pauline Harding


This group is for anyone willing to discuss religious topics of various types and their implication for us as individuals as well as the church in general. Past topics have included the study of the New Testament, the Heart of Christianity, and Jesus.  Class participants are willing to look at and discuss the different views of an issue.  Room 058 Contact: Gil Hewett 


The Seekers meet most Sunday mornings at 9:45 from September through May.  As a class we do a variety of studies aimed at spiritual growth.  Our mission is to promote growing faith for our members, carry out the work of the church and provide a supportive and caring environment for those who participate in our group.

During the month of March, the Seekers will read and study the book, The Well, by Mark Hall.  The Well is an inspiring look at the real reason that even the most charmed of lives are empty when they lack the one element that makes us whole.   The Well will challenge you, make you think, and leave you thirsting for a dip into the one true well. We meet in room 60 from 9:45 to 10:45 Sunday mornings and always have the coffee pot on, come on in.  Room: 060  
Contact:  Debbie Dance 


The Seekers meet for occasional social activities, too.

Room 060   Contact:  Mike & Betty Butler or Debbie Dance