A Disciple's Path

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A Disciple’s Path  – Let’s all look at this together! 
The early Methodist ministers were itinerant travelers.  They followed an actual path on horseback, to visit, encourage and teach small groups of believers, who often met in each other’s homes.   

And today, a piece of our Methodist understanding is that we’re ALL ministers in one way or another – we’re charged with sharing the Good News of the Gospel with those whose paths cross ours.  

Times have changed since those early days, and our paths all look different – maybe your path is chasing your kids through the busyness of life, maybe your path is the hallway of your retirement community, maybe your path is the doorway you walk through to get to work, and maybe your path is the one you ride your bike on to unwind.  

Regardless of what your path looks like, there are certain waypoints that we all have to hit as we pursue our purpose as ministers of the Gospel, they are: our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our service and our witness.  These waypoints aren’t just ways to support our church, they’re the ways we put our discipleship into action.  These waypoints are what show us to actually be on A Disciple’s Path.  

A Disciple’s Path – based on the book by James Harnish - is a practical and spiritual look at these essential waypoints. Pastor Scott and Pastor Matt invite you to join them on this church-wide journey and together we’ll learn what it means to truly be a disciple of Jesus Christ from a United Methodist understanding.  The pastors will both be preaching from the series on Sunday mornings, and will be co-teaching an in-depth class on Wednesday nights.  Space is limited in the Wednesday night class, so sign up at the Welcome Center by September 5.  Here are all of your opportunities to join us on
A Disciple’s Path:

Sunday mornings beginning Sept 9

  • Traditional Worship: Pastor Scott will be teaching from the series
  • Transformation Worship: Pastor Matt will be teaching from the series
  • Pathfinders, Christ-Centered Families, and Growning Christians Sunday School Classes will follow the series

Tuesday evenings

  • Tuesday night men’s group will use video and discussion resources from the series

Wednesdays Mornings

  • Women Connected by Prayer will be using study materials from the series

Wednesday Evenings beginning Sept 12  (sign up by Sept 5 for this session)

  • A Disciple’s Path – the full study lead by Pastor Scott and Pastor Matt, $20 book