When We Share – Miracles Happen!

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About 2,000 years ago, a crowd of 5,000 had gathered to spend the day with Jesus.  As the day went on, the people got hungry.  Jesus told his disciples to feed the people, but the disciples didn’t know where to start: there was no food, there was no money, there were too many people.  But while the disciples saw nothing but problems, Jesus saw nothing but opportunity.  He accepted the gift of a child’s lunch, blessed it, gave it back to the disciples, and everyone was fed.  

week 1: when we share faith ...

This fall, we’ll be looking into the power of sharing as we launch our annual stewardship effort.  We all have something to share: our faith, our presence, our prayers, our gifts and our witness are all valuable assets for our church and for the cause of Christ.  When we share these things, a powerful multiplication occurs and together we can impact more lives in ways that we never could on our own.  When we share, miracles happen.  

week 2: when we share presence

Our finance team is meeting right now to plan church staffing and programming for 2018.  Your pledge will help them to have a better idea of the funds we'll have to work with in the coming year.  Please consider what you are able to share with your church family, and return a pledge card soon.  Pledges are kept strictly confidential - only the Financial Manager will ever know your pledge amount. 

week 3: when we share prayers ...

Thank you for your continued prayers, presence, gifts and witness for our church.  Together we have done big things here in our neighborhood, and around the world.  When we share, miracles happen. 

week 4: when we share gifts

week 5: when we share witness ...