Mission U - United Methodist Women

The United Methodist Women (UMW) Mission u events are wonderful mission education opportunities to study current issues impacting society. Whether you are young or old, laity or clergy, a UMW member or not, a first timer or attend every year, you are invited. All participate in the Spiritual Growth Study - “Practicing Resurrection: The Gospel of Mark and Radical Discipleship”. Also, attendees may choose to attend either the special anniversary study “Women United for Change: 150 Years in Mission”, or the social issue study “What About Our Money? A Faith Response”.


  • July 21–23 Summer Mission u (Sunday afternoon through Tuesday afternoon)

  • October 18-20. Fall Mission u (Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon)


  • Iowa Valley Continuing Education Center, 3702 S. Center Street, Marshalltown

Chris Werling is our local contact person for Mission U information and registration. Call us in the church office, and we can tell you how to get in touch with her.

UMW’s Mission U web page