Intentional giving

Securing Your Legacy – Ensuring Our Future


You can secure your legacy as a sustainer of our church when you support our church Endowment Funds.  Endowment funds are different from our general budget giving.  Endowment funds include:


  • Estate gifts, bequests and gifts received outside of the regular Sunday offerings and general budget support

  • Funds given for a specific purpose or ministry area

  • Endowment Funds invested on a long-term basis to provide the church with ongoing income


Our Intentional Giving Funds are managed by the Endowment Committee with the assistance of the Iowa United Methodist Foundation.  In managing the Endowment Funds, the committee’s goal is to be great stewards of your gifts, honoring your intentions, and balancing the wants and needs of today’s ministry with the “big picture” of our mission and purpose of making disciples for Jesus Christ. 

Building our Endowment Funds will make our church less dependent upon the weekly offering collections to cover our expenses and our special one-time needs.  Having a planned giving program not only strengthens the future of our church but is a way for you to say that you believe in the future of our church.  An Endowment Fund program is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Contributions to our Endowment Funds can be made in any amount, at any time.  You may specify that your contributions be used for a specific purpose, or invested long-term to provide income for years to come. 

The church Endowment Funds are also a wonderful way to include First UMC in your estate planning, and allow you to leave a legacy of continuing support to your family of faith. 

We recommend that you speak to a member of the Endowment Committee when making a contribution to ensure that your wishes for the funds will be honored and respected.

Committee members are: Mike Butler (Chair), Alan Bernard, Richard Congdon, Jim Noelting, Jim Kenyon, Harriett McMahill, Jean Richardson, Susan Whitson, and Pastor Scott Kober.