CAT Survey for First UMC (has nothing to do with animals)

As part of our church’s process to understand ourself and to position us for our future ministries, we are employing an in-depth survey and we are asking you to take part.

survey form

The Congregation Assessment Tool (CAT) provides our congregation objective organizational information that includes energy level, satisfaction, flexibility, and ministry priorities. Every person connected to the church can complete the assessment. The results will provide our leadership with broad and in-depth information about several areas:

  • The Level of Satisfaction and Energy in the Congregation

  • Critical Success Factors for Improving Organizational Climate

  • Pinpoint the Strengths of Your Congregation’s Culture

  • Discover Where Members Would Like to Go in the Future

There are two options for completing the survey: online or on paper.

For the paper option, you may pick up a copy in the church office. Take it home, fill it out, and bring it back before November 15. For either option, surveys must be complete to count - you must answer every question.

If you choose the online option, be prepared for the survey to take up to an hour to complete (you will not be able to stop and restart). Find the survey link at our church website or use the one below. Online surveys must be complete by November 21.